As material becomes available, we hope to provide you with access to various forms of "media" (e.g., posters/flyers, literature, video and audio materials, inspirational works, etc.), which you can view either online or download to save on your computer or to print.

You will also find "links" to things we think might interest you; particularly that which is available at the National United Church of Christ and related websites. So, visit this page often and bookmark it so that you may easily return to it. Your feedback is always important, and the
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"No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here." --The United Church of Christ
Give yourself some Quiet Time... to reflect.
Inspirational (Online Links)
Here is a stunning, 6-minute video made by the Branch Church for use in their services. It is freely shared via the Andie's Isle website. (click the graphic; have your speakers on)
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"May You Be Blessed by Kate Nowak is not about religious beliefs...It's about joy, appreciation, kindness and love. Events by themselves are not a blessing or a curse; it's all the way we choose to see it." Presented by Simple Truths, LLC
UCC Videos
This location is stocked with many video shorts, featuring everything from Youth spiritual expressions to social issues. God speaks to people in so many ways... Listen.
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What makes the United Church of Christ unique? Learn more about the UCC's distinctive witness in the world. [Personal VIDEOS]

Readings & Print Media
Have you taken a look lately at what this abusive practice does to our youth and to people, in general? Here is some insiteful material you might want to explore. Just click the word link, Bullying.
"Trading Places" A United Church of Christ Video